Friday, December 19, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!

Six more days to go before Christmas - are you ready? Well, if you ask me, I am not so ready….. It has been crazy busy the last couple weeks… what with the girls, their school projects, and their after school activities. I have been up late a few nights also… working on my projects! Last night, the children’s choir at church had their concert (my oldest daughter plays the flute)! The children have practiced and worked hard… I thought I’d give them some treats (for all 22 of them!) See my picture. I used Kay’s milk carton creation; and gosh, when all those cardstock and ribbons and stamps were assembled, they sure looked delectable and hard to resist! The name tags were made using MS Word (font: Dauphin) and punched out with the small SU oval punch.

For my middle daughter’s giveaways, I bought twenty big Hershey bars and wrapped them in bright non-SU Christmas giftwrap. The red/blue/yellow/green giftwrap was for the boys; the pastel colored giftwrap was for the girls. (Do you recognize the poinsettia tags from my previous post? I love how the SU colors match even non-SU material). I am proud to say that my daughter’s classmate got giddy with what they received; some did not wait for dismissal and ate their bars at lunchtime! Hahaha. Here is how they look:

I know, I know. I’m tooting my own horn because I feel so proud of myself… For having survived the flurry of activities that come before my kids’ school winter break. Imagine, between yesterday and today, I gave away 22 carton treats for the choir kids, 20 wrapped big Hershey bars for my daughter’s second grade class, and 10 holiday treat boxes for ten different teachers.

The directions on how to make holiday treat boxes are on my friend Kay’s blog. Check it out. Really simple but comes out truly great! In my case I put round-shaped brownies inside cellophane bags. You can also put other things in there….

Look at my boxes below - aren't they pretty?

So am I done yet? Nope! I still have 10 holiday treat boxes to make for my neighbors, and a variety of monogram cards to stamp for my husband's family! You might think I'm crazy or something for putting myself thru this. But you know what, I'm actually having FUN! It's my favorite time of the year... Christmas ... when I can share what I have to people I care about... and sharing all these goodies made from Stampin' Up materials sure makes me feel great! And to hear the compliments from friends - that's simply priceless!

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kay said...

You've been really busy! Wow!

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